We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding ceremony and reception. Thank you so much to Hui Lin for making it a special and memorable wedding for us. Our ceremony was exactly tailored to us, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Hui Lin created the atmosphere we wanted and shared our story beautifully. She really went above and beyond.

Our guests make comments on how fantastic Hui Lin’s delivery of the ceremony was with many saying it was the best ceremony they had been to.

One of the best decisions we made was having Hui Lin as our celebrant and emcee to oversee the most important part of the day. We loved Hui Lin from the moment we met her, thank you for making our wedding amazing!

Shine & Eve @ Barrett Lane 


器宇非凡,优雅大方,热心豪爽,尽责敬业,细心传递澳洲婚姻法律,大力配合个人惊喜安排,量身定做婚礼仪式流程,澳洲婚姻多语漂亮主持人 - 慧菱(Perth Marriage and Life Celebrant)

Siong Xie & Bingru @ UWA Tropical Grove


My wife and I are truly blessed to have Hui-Lin to be our celebrant and emcee for our wedding ceremony and reception. We wanted someone who could speak fluent English and Chinese Mandarin, and she was absolutely the best and perfect person for the role. Besides that, she was also a really good entertainer who knew how to say all the right words to keep the atmosphere so lively. All of our guests have really enjoyed our wedding, and I believe that was primarily because of Hui-Lin's lively and confident character who has made everyone felt so comfortable.

Hui-Lin is super organised. She will make sure everything is well prepared before the wedding day to ensure all will run as smooth as possible. I highly recommend her service.

Ada & Andrew @ Beaumonde On The Point


My friends introduced us to appoint Hui Lin to be our celebrant, she helps us to prepare all we needed for our marriage ceremony.


My husband is a very nervous person, but Hui Lin tries to understand his mind, and improve him to talk more, she also says some joke to reduce his nervous.

I also can tell, she is a very responsible and quick-witted person when doing her job, when the little accident happened in our ceremony, she can transfer the focus of the mistake.

Thanks for everything you did on our ceremony! And for making the ceremony so perfect and remarkable!


You are an awesome celebrant!! 

Donna & Man, Jarrah Pavilion @ Kings Park  


Hui-Lin is an amazing friend, emcee, and celebrant! My husband and I were clueless in our banquet line-up and she provided tips, clues, and advice while being quick on her feet to improvise and brain-storm on the spot.

We appreciate her so much! My guests had nothing but wonderful things to say about Hui-Lin.

She was the highlight of the night!

Suzanne & Terence, Kuala Lumpur @ Malaysia


作為你的客戶,你是這麼多年來我認識的civil marriage celebrants當中工作態度最好、最積極的一位,你總是會好心地提前提醒我們要帶什麼資料,總是會在百忙之中主動抽出時間與我們聯繫、為我們服務、耐心地回答我們的問題。

Toby & Penny, The Celebrant's House @ Riverton 


Huilin not only just a celebrant for us, but more like a big sister. She’s so caring and loving. Thanks her talented multilingual skills to make our ceremony ran so perfectly. We were so grateful to have Huilin in our ceremony. Can’t thank her enough 😘❤️❤️❤️services.

Jade & Rajat, Bluewater Grill @ Point Heathcove


Thanks Hui Lin for being our wedding celebrant and also reception emcee !! She understands the important balance between communicating the formalities and injecting some fun. Too much of either makes for a cringe-worthy wedding experience for everyone. All well-planned and went so well for our big day. Many of my guests told me that our wedding is the best they’ve ever been to.
I’m pleased to say the planning and preparation paid off!! I believe without Hui Lin my plan would not be perfect!! - so all in all, a success! Thank you so so so much Hui Lin!! And also thanks to your big assistant Ken too!!  

Jennifer and Sean, Caversham House @ Swan Valley 


SO GREAT! Would definitely highly recommend Hui-Lin to anyone who is looking to engage a wedding celebrant in Perth!! My husband and I were looking for a bilingual celebrant and I must say that we’re so so thankful we managed to find Hui-Lin as she’s so fluent in both English and Mandarin. Our guests all loved her and commented that she’s so engaging.

Apart from that, she’s always so responsive and organized in ensuring that we’re on track with getting all moving parts right before the wedding. It was so fuss free for us knowing that she’s there helping us through. Even at times when she was unavailable to reply promptly, she would inform us of this prior so we were assured she would reply to our questions once she can.

She really goes the extra mile, to see where she could help and was willing to arrange for a meet up before the wedding to make sure we’re good and prepared. Her husband, Ken is also so helpful and sharing their experience and tips on what worked/could be improved from previous weddings. Every little help was useful for us pre-wedding and they were amazing! Loved working with them!

Michele & Joey @ Matilda Bay Restaurant


器宇非凡,优雅大方,热心豪爽,尽责敬业,细心传递澳洲婚姻法律,大力配合个人惊喜安排,量身定做婚礼仪式流程,澳洲婚姻多语漂亮主持人 - 慧菱

SiongXie & Bingru @ Tropical Groves - UWA


I highly recommend hui Lin as she done an amazing job on everything and really gives everything to make sure you have a lovely day and also makes you feel comfortable and can accommodate to any request you might have

Ryan and Daisy, Sir James Mitchell Park @ South Perth


Casey and I both had an unforgettable wedding ceremony with Hui Lin being our celebrant. Honestly, we are so glad that we appointed Hui Lin to be our celebrant, to help us handle all that needed to be done for our marriage registration. On our first meeting with her, I could feel that she is a very organise, reliable and responsible person where I could just leave it all to her while I focus on my other wedding preparations.

Hui Lin is a also a very understanding person where she tries her best to make your wedding ceremony just like what your dream wedding is!! 
Thank you Hui Lin! We are soo glad that you were our celebrant on our special day!

Casey and Olivia, Peninsula Tea Gardens @ Maylands 


We'd like to thank to Hui-Lin and her husband Ken for their very supportive and professional service! She is a very reliable person,we have no regrets for choosing her as our celebrant even tho we both are not Chinese speakers. She pays attention to the details and gives you great advices so our wedding turned out great with her huge help! Thank you guys for everything you did for our special day! 

Chihiro & Alessandro @ Maylands 


Thank you Hui Lin for the wonderful job you did on 16th June! It was a perfect day! Definitely I will recommend to my friend!

Angela & Bing, the Celebrant's House 


We would like to sincerely thank Hui Lin and Ken for their fantastic, professional services for our Wedding. Their attention to detail, thoughtfulness and the ability to deliver what was planned from the initial meeting was truly impressive.

Hui Lin asked all the right questions and anticipated things we did not think of, showing her experience/expertise in this field. The communication throughout the entire event was second to none - she was responsive, sincere and made us feel confident about the Wedding.

Her translation service was also spot on, I would definitely recommend Hui Lin's services because in my humble opinion not everyone could have translated our vows as accurate and heartfelt as she did.

Once again we would like to thank Hui-Lin and Ken for their services.

Lester & Vivian, Adachi Park @ Belmont


Thanks for making our big day perfect

Milla and Marco, Victoria Gardens @ East Perth 



John & Scarlett, the Celebrant's House 


Hui-Lin was ahhhh-maxing!!!! We have no regrets for choosing her as our celebrant and emcee. Let me explain why. Firstly, it was the first wedding I was immediately involved in organising, I am not at all creative and the wedding got too overwhelming too quickly.

Thankfully Hui-Lin was able to provide recommendations and ideas, such as wording that we can use to exchange our vows. Hui-Lin has some good tips and tricks up her sleeves which jazzed up the wedding day. Hui-Lin need not be prompted to come up with those ideas which is what I love the most, as that’s one less thing I had to stressed about!

Secondly, Hui-Lin wasn’t lying when she states that she is fluent in English and Mandarin. My guests all said, it all just flowed so well.

Thirdly and most importantly, on the wedding day I honestly can only remember speaking to Hui-Lin for less than 10 times. Hui-Lin would improvise and just got the day running smoothly through liaising with the camera person, family persons etc. I honestly did not have to worry and made my day just that much less stressful.

So... don’t hesitate: Hui-Lin is the one you want by your side (in addition to your husband) on your special day.

Jessi and John, Secret Garden @ South Perth 
Hui-Lin is a superb English/Mandarin celebrant and emcee! The hosting and music at our wedding was excellent.
John and Jessi, Secret Garden @ South Perth 

We’ve chosen Hui Lin as our wedding celebrant, recommended by one of our friend who attended their friend’s wedding and this is one of the best decision ever.
Hui Lin has been very helpful and she is very informative. She guided us the whole process and has reduced the stress level for both me and my husband. Hui Lin’s service is great and I will definitely recommend her to couples that are looking for a wedding celebrant and or Emcee services.
Good job Hui Lin ! Both me & Nelson appreciated all of your effort !

Cindy and Nelson, Maltilda Bay @ UWA

Hui Lin did an amazing job hosting our tea ceremony and reception! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better!! It made our wedding celebrations even more memorable!! Thank you!
Linda & Alex, Crown Perth @ Burwood 
Hui Lin did such an amazing job in hosting our wedding ceremony last Saturday. I would definitely recommend her to be your wedding celebrant.
Angel and Jason, Matilda Bay & UWA
Thank you Hui Lin for being our wedding celebrant. We are very blessed to have you to guide us through this process. You’ve made this whole process so hassle-free! And thank you so much for decorating your backyard for us!
Kymmy & Jia, the Celebrant's House
Henrie & Natalia, Sitella Winery @ Swan Valley
A big thanks you to Hui Lin for making our day worry free, stress free and enjoyable. Hui Lin took the trouble to dress up and hosted our day with a personal touch, a sense of humor, some great introduction about Elaine and myself as well as an overall sense of professionalism. We really could not ask for more and should hope that you enjoyed our day as much as we did.
Keith & Elaine, Caversham House @ Swan Valley
Hui Lin did a great job hosting out wedding on Friday. She made us laugh, put together games and made the wedding reception more than what it already was. Our guests even were stated that the MC did an extremely good job. Thank you for making out celebration of union a wonderful and beautiful experience
Hongbo & Katie, Dragon Palace @ Northbridge